This page contains instructions for creating a character page.

A character page is a page that contains info specificly about a character within the series.

Character Page LayoutEdit

A character page is organized using the following layout:

  • First Paragraph: The first paragraph contains the name of the character along with brief informaion that helps the reader identify who the character is. For example, the first paragraph on Count D's page identifies him as the owner of the pet shop.
  • Appearance: The appearance section contains a description of the characters physical appearance. Any defining physical characteristics should be noted in this section
  • Character: The character section contains a detailed description of a characters personality. In this section, notability is especially important (i.e. speculation and personal opinions do not belong here) and examples should be given when adding traits.
  • History: The history section contains information regarding events that happen before the begining of Pet Shop of Horrors. For example, Chris Orcot's page would have the events which lead him to not speak described in the history section.
  • Plot: The plot section describes the character actions within the story. For characters that appear in both Pet Shop of Horrors and New Pet Shop of Horrors, the plot section should contain two paragraphs.